Located on the north of the river Tagus, where nature overthrows human presence, this region has very peculiar characteristics. It is the meeting point of three different provinces, Beira Baixa in the East, Ribatejo in the west and Alentejo in the south, which translates into a cluster of habits, sayings and traditions that cannot be found elsewhere.

The land is the main economic resource and various products are grown here: potatoes, wine, vegetables and fruit. An excellent area for fishing and hunting small game, you can find wild boars, rabbits and hares on the outskirts of the village. As for fish, the river Tagus is the main source for trout and eel, among other fishes, used in the traditional gastronomy. Olive oil and honey are also very popular in this region, rich in olive trees and beehives, which influences the local gastronomy.

Furthermore, this region is very enjoyable for its nautical resources. The practice of water sports such as canoeing and the proper equipments are available in the river beaches of the Tagus and also in the dams of Pracana, Fratel and Belver.


We benefit from a mild climate, a mixture of Continental and Mediterranean weather with hot summers (temp > 30º C), mild autumns and springs (temp around 25ºC) and cold winters (temp < 10º C). During the last few years weve had shorter and less harsh winters.


In the regions restaurants you can taste: Lamprey, fish, either grilled or in soups, sea food, açordas (bread stews), whelks with pork, mutton stew, game meat dishes, cheeses, sausages, bread, olive oil, wines and convent sweetmeats.


There are several spots ideal for enjoying nature. To the north, very close to Envendos, you can find the dam of Pracana, an ideal place for fishing, followed by the river beach of Carvoeiro, the perfect place for a nice summer afternoon swimming and sunbathing.

As for therapeutical waters, we have the hot springs of Ladeira close by and, hidden in the midst of the green scarps, Pego da Rainha: the legendary place where one of our Queens used to bathe herself along with her maids. Here you can enjoy the wonderful lake and waterfall or the surrounding area for a picnic.

South of Quinta do Ribeirinho, is Belver with its castle and the traditional medieval fair that takes place every summer. Also in Belver you can find a Dam in the Tagus River, the magnificent view of the belvedere of Outeirinho and the famous river beach of Alamal.

Leaving our village of Vilar da Mó; and following the road to your left, youll find Ribeira de Eiras, an excellent location for a summer or autumn afternoon of leisureof leisure Mação and Gavião, the nearest towns, have their attractions as well. The historical churches, the Archaeological Museum of Mação and the River Tagus with all its splendour, are just a few reasons for a small trip.


What we propose is the discovery of the unknown River Tejo (in English Tagus), very different from the river we see flowing into the wide estuary that washes Lisbons shoreline.If you have time for some tours, we would suggest two:

PR1 "Cliffs of Tagus" (16,85 miles). Lovers of fortresses, of beautiful views and of canoeing should take a trip to Belver. From the top of this castle you have an exceptional panoramic view over the River Tagus.

PR2 "Ecological Corridor Alferreireira and Barrocas Rivers" (19 miles) . Is a pedestrian trail with 19 miles in circuit, starting and finishing in the village aldeia de Atalaia. Has two variants: a variant of "Water Eyes", about 3 miles and a variant of the "Watermill Valley" 8 miles.


To close with a golden key any programme in this area, you should keep one day for a journey by train on the section of the Beira Baixa Line between Belver and Fratel, Marked by the beauty of the landscape, they will forever remain in your memory. Be careful about the timetable, because this has not been designed for return tourist excursions.


River beach of Alamal, is ideally located in an environment that combines excellent conditions for river sports, hiking and all-terrain bicycling. Situated on the left bank of the Tagus River, it is one of the few river beaches that has earned the blue flag of quality. The Quinta do Alamal hides other attractions that invite the visitor to go for walks and relax, bringing to mind the days of centuries past: the vast natural vegetation surrounding it, the wooden bridge that crosses it, the lizard fountain and the waterfall that drops to where it has formed a small lagoon.

River beach of Carvoeiro, surrounded by a lush frame of pine forest, is one of the jewels in the crown of the Municipality of Mação. Located in the village of Carvoeiro about 25 minutes from Mação has been a pleasant surprise for all who come to visit, not only the natural environment, but also the quality and beauty of the infrastructures that make this equipment. It has been referenced by regional authorities as one of the most pleasant places to visit in the area of interior pine.

River beach of Ortiga, located south from Mação in the meeting point of Ribeira das Eiras and Belver dam, this is a well-equipped river beach that offers good infrastructure and support services, including a floating pool, a boarding quay, as well as two regional restaurants, there is also a parking next to the beach.

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River Beach of Carvoeiro

Waterfall of Pego da Rainha

Pracana Dam


River of Threshing Floors

Mação / Gavião

Vila Velha de Rodão

Vila Nova da Barquinha

River Beach of Alamal

River Beach of Ortiga

PR1 “Cliffs of Tagus”

PR2 “Ecological Corridor “