Located north of the Tagus, where the green of nature predominates, it is worth saying that although it is located in the Alentejo, the region has very peculiar characteristics. With the confluence of the provinces of Beira Baixa to the East, Ribatejo to the west and Alentejo to the south, it is frequent for the few inhabitants of Vilar da Mó to claim that they are the Most Ribatejanos Beirões of alentejo. We therefore have a cluster of customs, sayings and traditions that characterize this area. Region also very rich in water. Agriculture predominates, being the products of the most varied land – potatoes, wine, vegetables and various fruits. A hunting and fishing area par excellence, there are animals such as wild boar, rabbit or hare that abound in the surrounding areas of the village.

On the Tagus River besides the lamprey and trout there is a whole variety of freshwater fish, quite desirable in the regional dishes.

Other characteristic products of this region are olive oil and honey, because here there are olive trees and hives, so the traditional gastronomy, greatly influenced by these two ingredients. The region is also highly appreciated for water sports, another tourist attraction, both on the Tagus River, as well as in the reservoirs of the Pracana, Fratel or Belver dams.


Temperate, with very hot summers (Temp > 30º C), very mild autumn and spring (Temp. +/- 25º C) and cold winter (Temp <10º C). In recent years we have seen shorter and less rigorous winters.


Among the multiple specialties offered in the restaurants of the region stand out the following:
Maranhos – Red-hot roast kid – Slaughter grain – Killing febras – Migas with roasted cod – River fish soup – Shad açorda – Lamprey rice – Grilled largefire – Fish stew – Eel stew – Grilled fataça with egg açorda – Sável on the tile.


To the North and with Envendos very close, there is also the Pracana Dam and its beautiful reservoir, providing good moments of leisure. Ideal place for fishing. Further up the Carvoeiro River Beach, a pleasant place to spend a good summer afternoon.

Another of the points of reference to the North, the Termas da Ladeira, with its medicinal waters, treatments and not only. Not to be missed; the Caught of the Queen in Zimbreira, where beyond the main lake, has as its point of excellence its waterfall, according to legend, where the queen took her baths, accompanied by the respective aias.

To the south, Belver with its Castle, emblematic symbol of the region, combined with the already traditional Medieval Fair that takes place in summer, is another point of particular importance for the traveler. Still to the south, we have the Belver Dam, the viewpoint of Outeirinho and the River Beach of Alamal.

Leaving the village of Vilar da Mó, to your left, always straight ahead, you will easily reach ribeira de Eiras, a place par excellence for a well spent afternoon – ideal for a picnic.

Mação and Gavião, both villages seat of Municipality, also provide places of interest for those who visit the region. The respective Churches, the Archaeological Museum of Mação, and especially the Tagus River with all its splendor, are, among others, points of high tourist interest.


PR1 “Arribas do Tejo” (16.85 Km) a small-route walking route that runs along the cliffs of the Tagus River involving the parishes of Belver and Gavião, making two river crossings: one at the Belver dam and another on the centenary en244 iron bridge. A circular route that leads the pedestrian to places of undeniable landscape, geological and cultural value.

PR2 “Ecological Corridor of the Ribeiras de Alferreireira and Barrocas” (19 Km) in circuit, starting and ending in the village of Atalaia. It has two variants: the variant of Olhos d’Água, with about 3 km and the variant of the Azenha Valley with about 8 km. It starts in the center of the village, next to the playground, in Atalaia, municipality of Gavião.Ruma by the street of the Church and then by the street of Frade, passes the fountain of Lameira to the cheese shop, which is on the right hand side. Here he leaves the asphalt road, taking left a path that leads to the River Baroque, which crosses a wooden bridge.

You can also enjoy a train ride along the Beira Baixa Line. We recommend north to Vila Velha de Rodão and south to Vila Nova da Barquinha short routes but of an unforgettable beauty. It will be remembered forever in the memories of those who do.


Alamal’s river beach is one of those places designed by the magic of Mother Nature. The waters of the Tagus find in this corner, a shelter, a resting place on your walk to the sea.

Carvoeiro Fluvial Beach is a pleasant surprise for all those who visit it, not only for the natural setting and beauty, but also for the quality and infrastructure that compose it. It has several equipment that allow the visitor to spend a pleasant day there, such as changing rooms, bar, snack park and barbecue. It is also divided with bathing area for adults and children. Located in the southern region of the Municipality of Mação and with the reservoir of the Pracana Dam as a backdrop.

Ortiga River Beach has long been the place of choice for those who visit Mação and for the Dull people themselves. Equipped with excellent quality infrastructures including Support Bar, Floating Pool, Boarding Pier, Changing Rooms, Medical Station and Parking, it is also possible to book outdoor sports activities and leisure.


  • Carvoeiro River Beach
  • Belver
  • Ribeira de Eiras
  • Mação / Gavião
  • Vila Velha de Rodão
  • Vila Nova da Barquinha
  • Alamal River Beach
  • Ortiga River Beach
  • PR1 “Arribas do Tejo”
  • PR2 “Ecological Corridor of the Ribeiras de Alferreireira and Barrocas”