In addition to our “Santa Relíquia” wines and “Relíquia Dourada” olive oils, we have other products: liqueurs and multifloral honey. Come and taste these products at our Quinta.


Over almost two millennia, on the schist slopes of the Douro Valley, a unique viticultural landscape has been made, an exceptional wine. More than just a gift from nature, Port Wine is, in essence, that historical thickness, a collective cultural heritage of work and experiences, knowledge and art, which generations and generations have accumulated.
Port wine was and is a key product of the national economy and even more of a symbolic value that distinctly represents Portugal in the world. Quinta do Ribeirinho has 40, 50 and 100 years old Port Wine stores.


this drink, typically known as “Ginjinha” and surrender to the unmistakable flavor of the handmade, sweet and fruity Ginja Liqueur, but at the same time slightly bitter.
Sour cherry (sour cherry), a small round fruit with a dark red color and a bittersweet flavor, originated in Asia Minor and was already common in Portugal in the 15th and 16th centuries. The cherry or ginjinha liqueur, aromatic and with a balanced alcohol content, started to be a drink of the bourgeois class due to its high price. Gradually it appeared in the taverns, becoming one of the most popular Portuguese drinks.
Usually the ginjinha is drunk at the counter and is ordered “with them” or “without them” (with the fruit at the bottom of the glass or not). Before serving, the bottle should be strongly shaken and should be drunk at room temperature.


Muscat wines have a persistent flavor and are especially fragrant. In its aromas stand out notes of orange blossom, honey, dates and orange.

Aguardente de Medronho

The medronho is a Portuguese alcoholic drink. Each bottle is produced from natural ingredients. Aquronente de Medronhos is very popular in Portugal, when sweetened with honey it is called Melosa.

Mel Multifloral

Legend has it that in ancient times, when a man fell in love with a woman, he kidnapped his lover on a full moon night. For a month, they drank an aphrodisiac, sweet with a lot of honey mixture. Result: eternal passion.
Pure honey is excellent. As the name implies, it is pure, natural, traditional.